Courage, Owning The Goddess Within - a Fabulous Weekend Experience

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This is a Powerful 2 day online workshop - Courage, Owning The Goddess Within Weekend Experience. If you'd like more details email us at and we can set up a time to talk. Looking forward to sharing and experiencing the weekend with you!

This is what you'll experience:

1 - Be Powerful Wherever You Go! An opening to & a direct experience of Trusting Yourself & Others -How to be consistently confident and empowered ... wherever you go.

2 - The Courage to Restart & Reignite your Creativity - choose & move unstoppably towards your dreams, with imagination & passion. Let go of the inner & outer critic.

3 - You’ll Have Directly Experienced a Breakthrough in your self expression - while respecting your style & persona. You have full permission to be who you are and to have fun, creativity.

4 - Delighted, Playful Adventure - reactivating, restoring & realizing your divine right to freedom, joy and flow!

5 - Bring the Whimsical & Magical Together - Injecting Others Around You with Joyful Mischief.

6 - Have the Joy Continue to LIVE Post Workshop! an Insightful Guide Book to ongoingly support you & empower you after the workshop, leaving you with access to courage and confidence.

7 - Prepare to Laugh, Be Inspired and Re-aquaint Your Self with Depth, Feminine Divinity … and Lots & Lots of SELF-LOVE.

We offer a monthly opportunity to stay connected in our very own Goddess Circle - Keeping empowerment moving forward!

Looking forward to meeting you! - Glenda founder Global Badass Goddess