Courage, where does it come from and how can I get some? 

When it comes to Courage, it’s truly a willingness to step forward in any situation that you agree with or even disagree with, to express what’s truly on your mind or in your heart. Easy! 

Easy? Ha! Not really. If you could it might look like a self expression freedom fest! 

Your inner filters are in place for better or for worse and sometimes it just stops everything. Those subconscious foundational beliefs can really stop you from having what you want, for sharing your heart, for making key choices towards having what you might truly want. That filter is like a crazy control panel sometimes frozen, shutdown or out of control. 

Taking an exciting step towards self-expression, is leaning into your courage to say what it is you know and want, this gives you your road map. This clear path is the beginning of stepping forward to share exactly who you are, in any circumstance in life. 

Courage needs a clear solid foundation of knowing who you are on many levels. It needs a confident desire to launch your self expression and a way of straight communication, which will allow you to say what ever you need or want. 

Courage is the gas that sits in the fuel lodge ready to be ignited. 

Where in your life are your lacking the Courage to say or do what you want? 

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