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Glenda Benevides is an award winning Grammy considered singer-songwriter who weaves stories that touch the soul. Imagine the soul singing love child of Heart, Janis Joplin, and Bessie Smith and that is Glenda. A powerfully resonate voice, emanating with blues and soul, demanding attention, calling to action and uplifting the very fabric of love shared amongst us all… Like a wild tent revival preacher, Glenda’s sermon is empowerment, enlightenment and building bridges of understanding all wrapped in powerful self-expression that moves you from the head to the feet!   

Glenda - Singer-Songwriter-Author-Alturist


“Talented, beautiful voice, fabulous music and an all around a magical time”

in the words of one eloquent fan.  Another says ...

“ What I love most about watching Glenda perform is that she express a deep message, not only through her lyrics but the actual frequency of her and her voice is so powerful it will leave you changed for the better” 


Los Angeles Sync Summit and Live Performance at The MINT LA. 

The (NGU) “Never Give Up” theme is one that speaks to all of us. It is a moving performance of dynamic music and video that entices audiences to experience and interact with the challenges and triumphs of never giving up. Glenda's performance is a unique blend of soulful songs, storytelling, narration, technology, and features a celebrity guest performer. Our guest for this performance is Steve Smith from DIRTY VEGAS. The one and a half hour performance drives our PR, marketing, and transmedia campaign, directly supporting and leading to the future multimillion-dollar staging of the full Broadway production of the “Never Give Up” show.  Sync Summit 


Glenda's music that makes a difference

Every time you buy a song I am planting a treeding

Every time you buy a song I am planting a tree!

I give back by planting a tree for every song you purchase. If you’d like to plant your own trees and help make the planet better for us humans and all the rest that share this world, You can also start your own campaign by visiting https://onetreeplanted.org and help plant more trees!

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”

— CoCo Chanel


Glenda Benevides

Goddess is a music and lyrical conversation that is fun, uplifting, introspective and soulful. Goddess is inspired by and dedicated to honoring women who are self expressed, who are courageously living life rich in self expression and soul.
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Smooth Soul Radio - GA

Jazz Infinity host and producer

“Only a real badass would have the…balls to go there”. Just being a snazzy red-head might get you by with most of the common folk, but I’m always looking for more. I’m like, come on, then. Let’s see some bad-assedness. So, I asked for some of her music, and she sent me the single that’s been in rotation ever since: “Everybody’s Love”. 

Is that the sort of thing for a badass to be singing about? Everybody and love? If you’ve got to ask, then you’re probably not even close to being one, yourself. A real badass can sing about whatever the hell she wants; with authority and a uniquely singular voice. So, go ahead and listen. www.smoothsoul.net